Jewellery Care


Macrame Jewellery

It is important that any macrame jewellery is NOT made wet, by wearing in the shower (for example). Whilst the colour should not run, this cannot be guaranteed. Plus, there is a risk of the jewellery item being damaged by getting wet and coming undone. The glue used on the macrame jewellery to glue the ends of the material, is water resistant, but not waterproof.


Sterling Silver Jewellery
To help reduce tarnishing of the sterling silver, it is recommended that the jewellery is contained in an airtight container, such as a resealable plastic bag when not in use. If the sterling silver does tarnish, a silver polish cloth can be used to remove the tarnish and restore the shine. 


Silver Plated Jewellery
As with any plated jewellery, the plating on the silver plated jewellery we sell will wear off with time and wear. We recommend that the silver plated jewellery should not be worn at night, not got wet e.g. not to be worn whilst swimming, showering or exercising. The jewellery should also not be cleaned with any chemicals as the chemicals can remove the plating. If you do need to clean silver plated jewellery, then it's best to do with a dry or slightly damp cloth and wipe gently, vigorous rubbing will wear the plating away.