Chain Upgrades For Charm Chain Necklaces

Purple Wyvern Jewels now offers a choice of metal chain types on our charm chain necklaces.


Silver plated chain is used as standard on our charm chain necklaces, however now if you would prefer you can choose to have a stainless steel or sterling silver chain instead. Please note that the charm metal will be whatever is stated on the charm necklace listing you wish to upgrade.


Not all appropriate listings are currently updated with the chain choices, so in the meantime chain upgrade listings have been added, so that you can purchase the chain type you would like. So for those product listings not yet updated, to order stainless steel chain or sterling silver chain you can add the charm chain necklace along with the appropriate chain upgrade listing (i.e. two product listings) to your cart, to purchase the necklace with the chain type that you would like.

Stainless steel, sterling silver or silver plated chains are now available for our charm chain necklaces.

The silver plated chain comes with an chain extension which adds an adjustable 2" (5cm) to the length of the necklace.